Video : Nicki Minaj and Cardi B’s embarrassing moment at a fashion event in New York

The rappers’ friendship was short-lived and after the viral physical altercation, Iggy Azalea ended up involved

During New York Fashion Week 2018, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B attended a party hosted by a distinguished American magazine. However, the feud that had already begun over the top chart charts and the title of being the most important rapper led to a shocking altercation, where Cardi was injured and Minaj seemingly triumphant

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B didn’t always exist, as in the past the two famous rappers were friends, posed together for the world spotlight and even collaborated musically. However, within his controversial story there was a night where the innuendos on social networks transcended a shocking physical altercation during an important fashion event in New York, United States.

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Although the so-called Queen of Rap popularized female participation within the musical genre, the arrival of other types of conceptual proposals, such as in 2013 with Iggy Azalea, was not taken well by her fans, since the fight to reach the best numbers in the popularity charts became even more complicated for the singer.

For this reason, the arrival of the New York-born star in 2017 with her hit Bodak Yellow and having reached number one on the most important music chart in the world, Billboard Hot 100, became a great challenge for Minaj, who until that moment had not managed to achieve the same despite having more years in the industry and having collaborated with legends such as Madonna, Britney Spears and Ariana Garnde or even Justin Bieber.

The First Friendly Flirtations

With her debut single, she conquered the music charts (Photo: YouTube/Cardi B)

With her debut single, she conquered the music charts (Photo: YouTube/Cardi B)

After the American star debuted in the music industry on June 16, 2017 with the famous single created and produced by J. White and reached the peak of worldwide popularity, becoming the second rapper to achieve it solo, the two singers who until that moment were the only super exponents of hip hop, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea did not hesitate to congratulate their colleague, being the creator of Fancy and later Anaconda.

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The Queen of Rap was captured dancing to Cardi B’s single at a nightclub in Miami and her moves were interpreted as a subtle show of support for the artist. However, he would later express it on his Instagram account, although at the same time he would give hints that he would possibly not agree with its success.

The beginning of a rivalry that ended in blows

Nicki Minaj interpreted in the song No flag from London On Da Track what has been taken by fans as the beginning of the celebrity rivalry: “I’ve heard that these labels are trying to do another version of me. Everything you’re getting, little bitch, is thanks to me.” 21 Savage and Offset, Cardi B’s partner and father of her children, also collaborate on the track.

The viral fight between the rappers happened in the year 2018 (Photo: Infobae Mexico)The viral fight between the rappers happened in the year 2018 (Photo: Infobae Mexico)

The relationship continued to crack as the success of the former exotic dancer grew, despite the fact that on several occasions both in person posed smiling and even hugged, as happened at the MET GALA 2018. However, everything would change drastically in September of the same year, when they were invited to a fashion party organized by Harper’s Bazaar magazine and Cardi B did not hesitate to claim various issues from Nicki Minaj, the main one, according to the rapper, being a harsh criticism of her motherhood or even lashing out at her firstborn.

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A video showed the viral confrontation between the two and their respective work teams and friends, in which it could be seen that with violent screams and Cardi B throwing a shoe at Nicki, things would never be the same again. The New Yorker had allegedly tried to approach Minaj to talk to Minaj several times to ask her to stop spreading lies about her, but the rapper’s bodyguards prevented it.

Cardi B ended up with a bump on her face after she was apparently accidentally hit by the event’s security team. Something that set social networks on fire on the subject, memes and a large number of virtual fights between the extensive groups of fans of each one, something for which both had to break the silence about what happened.

Cardi B before the fight with Nicki Minaj (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)Cardi B before the fight with Nicki Minaj (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

“The other night, I was part of something so mortifying and so humiliating… I couldn’t believe how humiliating it all was… how we show ourselves…”, was the only thing Nicki Minaj expressed after assuring that she would not sue her former colleague, being the beginning of a rap rivalry that is possibly far from over.

Nicki Minaj said she didn’t criticize Cardi B’s motherhood

The clash between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj within the framework of the prestigious fashion event continued on social networks, where users jumped to the defense of their favorite artist and did the impossible to prove who was the real victim of the confrontation that supposedly began months ago.

And it is that both the exchange of words and the unexpected blow received by the interpreter of Please Me ended up reaffirming the differences between the rappers. The first to break the silence about what happened was Nicki Minaj, who during a Queen Radio broadcast told her version of the events that she described as embarrassing and humiliating.

“The other night I was involved in something very humiliating to pass in front of such distinguished people… I’m not talking about black or white, I’m talking about people who have their lives in order. I felt mortified, I couldn’t believe how humiliated I was feeling or the image we were giving,” she began.

The rapper has been nominated 10 times at the Grammy Awards. (Photo: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)The rapper has been nominated 10 times at the Grammy Awards. (Photo: REUTERS/Brendan McDermid)

Without revealing information about the discussion she starred in at the Plaza Hotel, the interpreter of hits such as Tusa, Starships and Tukoh Taka took advantage of her radio space to clarify that at no time has she questioned the maternity or paternity of other artists and regretted that many people tend to point to her as “the bad guy in the story” automatically without knowing the background of the situation.

“I would never get into an argument about anybody’s children and it’s sad that I’m being singled out for that and made to look like the bad guy. Everyone believes it. I would never talk about anyone’s parenting capacity or about any child. It’s crazy that they always try to make me look like the bad guy,” she said in her defense.

But that wasn’t all, Nicki Minaj ended up lashing out at Cardi B without mentioning her name: “If you went about your business and did things right you wouldn’t need to go around making others look like the bad guys. You know I’ve never spoken ill of anyone’s son. I’m not a clown and those are clowns.”

The lovers attended the "Vanity Fair" party after the 95th annual Academy Awards as special guests. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)The lovers attended the “Vanity Fair” party after the 95th annual Academy Awards as special guests. (Photo: REUTERS/Danny Moloshok)

Cardi B called Nicki Minaj a “coward”

The rapper’s statements reverberated both in the media and on digital platforms and, as expected, soon reached the ears of those who were injured in the argument. The New York singer took to her Instagram account to respond with a statement where she assured that her fight with Nicky Minaj was the result of an offense, as she mocked both her professional successes and her experience as a first-time mother with Offset.

“I’ve allowed you to say a lot of about me! I tried to talk to you in person about it on one occasion and tried again again, all those times you admitted your guilt. But when you mention my daughter (Kulture) and decide to ‘like’ comments about my ability to take care of her, you cross a line of no return,” she began.

I’ve worked too hard and I’ve come too far to let anyone my success. Those kind of talk a lot in their raps, but in real life they’re cowards.

(Screenshot Instagram: @iamcardib)

(Screenshot Instagram: @iamcardib)

Do female rappers want to wave the peace flag?

Months after the conflict, Cardi B attended an event where a Vanity Fair reporter blurted out the question everyone wanted to ask: “Is there any chance of making peace with Nicki Minaj and collaborating with her?” As the reporter spoke, the New Yorker gave a fierce look in reproach for broaching the subject and only responded with a mocking smile.

Since then, the singers have avoided talking about their alleged rivalry, and while each continues to reap success, their fans keep the rumors alive.

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