Kanye West accuses Kim Kardashian of ‘keeping his kids from him’ then says he has ‘signs of autism’ in rant to Elon Musk

A screenshot of their conversation was published on Kanye’s longtime confidante and consultant, Ian Connor’s Instagram page.

Kanye West has made some shocking claims in texts to Elon Musk

Kanye West has made some shocking claims in texts to Elon MuskCredit: Getty

The Flashing Lights rapper claimed that his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, is 'keeping his kids' from him

The Flashing Lights rapper claimed that his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, is ‘keeping his kids’ from himCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian
On Wednesday, texts between Ian and Kanye, 46, were screenshotted at 2:20 am.

The rapper sent a screenshot of a long text he sent to Tesla owner Elon, 52, to Ian and urged him to “get it out to the public.”

In his message, Kanye wrote: “When are we going to speak. You owe me nothing. You never have to speak to me again.

“But if we do speak, the nature of the relationship needs to change. I’m not bipolar, I have signs of autism from my car accident. You can’t watch Kim keep my kids from me.

“And not say anything publicly and then call yourself my friend so I can bring my audience to your struggling platform,” he concluded.


In October 2002, Kanye was driving home from a recording studio around 3 am when he reportedly fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into another car.

His accident resulted in him completely shattering his jaw – which he had to have wired shut while healing.

The other driver who was in the accident broke both legs.


Kanye revealed in the message that his ex-Kim is still not allowing him to see his children: North, 10, Saint, seven, Chicago, five, and Psalm, four.

Kim and Kanye got engaged in 2013 after the birth of North and married in 2014.

In 2021, Kim filed for divorce from Kanye, which was finalized the following year.


In 2022, Kanye went on a social media rant calling out Kim for not allowing him to see his children.

On Instagram at the time, Kanye wrote: “I wonder what Gigi and Venus’s perspectives were when I didn’t know where my child was on her birthday,” he said referencing the drama surrounding his and Kim’s daughter, Chicago’s fourth birthday bash in January 2022.

“Gabby told me that she disagreed with that (and that’s me putting it in a nice way) she said it was on her group chats.”

He continued, mentioning the recent hot water he got into with the media: “So why did everyone feel so free to attack me about my tshirt but Candace Owens was the only public figure to say that it was wrong for the Kardashians to keep me from seeing my daughter.

“And for all audience so outraged about my tshirt where was you when I couldn’t see my kids I went public in hope of public support at that time,” Kanye concluded.

Kim’s sister, Khloe, 39, took it into her own hands to reply to Kanye’s claims, begging him to “stop tearing Kimberly down” and said that it was “his idea” to have separate parties.

The Good American co-founder continued: “Please leave her and the family out of it so that the kids can be raised peacefully. I come from a place of love and I am happy to continue this conversation privately if you wish.”

Kanye replied, calling the family “all liars.”

The star seemingly has time with his kids as Kanye was spotted with North in Tokyo over the summer.


In the time Kanye and Kim waited for their divorce to finalize, Kanye dated Julia Fox.

The two met at a New Year’s Eve party at the end of 2021 and ended things roughly two months later.

Later in 2022, the Donda mogul got together with Yeezy architect, Bianca Censori, 28.

The two secretly got married in December.

He also revealed that he is 'showing signs of autism' from his 2002 car accident

He also revealed that he is ‘showing signs of autism’ from his 2002 car accidentCredit: x/kanyewest

Kim and Kanye have four kids together: North, 11, Saint, seven, Chicago, five, Psalm, four

Kim and Kanye have four kids together: North, 11, Saint, seven, Chicago, five, Psalm, fourCredit: KIM KARDASHIAN/INSTAGRAM

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