Hearing that Nicki Minaj became the most profitable female rapper of the year, Cardi B hastily took this action to demand justice.

Ranked behind Nicki Minaj in terms of earning money by Forbes magazine, Cardi B responded viciously on Twitter.

Forbes magazine has just announced a list of the 20 highest-paid rappers in 2019, male stars are still the dominant names at the top of the list. Like every year,  Nicki Minaj  always appears on the gold list and this time is no exception. Although only ranked 12th with $29 million, the owner of the hit “Super Bass” still “firmly” holds the title “Best earning female rapper in 2019”.

Hearing that Nicki Minaj became the most "swordfish" female rapper of the year, Cardi B rushed to "cheat" to demand justice - Photo 1.

Leading the list of the top 20 most “swordfish” rappers in 2019 is Kanye West, his total income is up to 150 million dollars.

Unfortunately, Cardi B has to sadly rank behind Nicki Minaj, who is only 1 million dollars behind her senior. Specifically, the “I Like It” singer officially “landed” at 13th place with $28 million, this is the first time the female singer has registered in the top “swordfish” of the year. In particular, she is also the youngest person on the list of 20 most famous names in the rap music industry in 2019.

Hearing that Nicki Minaj became the most "swordfish" female rapper of the year, Cardi B rushed to "cheat" to demand justice - Photo 2.

A great year continues to call Cardi B’s name.

Everyone knows that the relationship between Nicki and Cardi B has gone in a bad direction since the fight at the Harper’s Bazaar ICONS fashion event. Not only did they fight “landslides”, but every music race witnessed fierce competition between these two female rappers. That’s why Forbes announced that Cardi B lost in the money-making battle with Nicki, making her a bit angry. The star born in 1992 has “caught” the dew and is determined to “make a difference” in this achievement list.

Specifically, after learning her ranking in the top 20 highest-paid rappers in 2019, Cardi B wrote on Twitter with a rather unpleasant attitude as follows: “I don’t know where Forbes got the data from. ” This list?” . That’s enough to understand that Cardi B is not satisfied with the above rankings, she believes that Forbes has updated inaccurate data. Is the female singer’s income even higher than $28 million?

Hearing that Nicki Minaj became the most "swordfish" female rapper of the year, Cardi B rushed to "cheat" to demand justice - Photo 3.

The shared line from Cardi B is said to be “strongly arguing” with Nicki Minaj’s achievements.

Since Cardi B became a global sensation, a series of Nicki’s musical achievements have been usurped. And yet, the “Bodak Yellow” singer also excelled in achieving a series of glorious victories that Nicki never dreamed of, such as the Grammy golden trumpet, reaching the top of the Billboard Hot 100, the MV reaching 1 billion views on YouTube,… In addition, , in 2019, the owner of the hit “I Like It” is also considered one of the most “hardworking bees” in the Hollywood entertainment industry. Even though it was a time of countless noisy lawsuits, the income from music sales was enough to help Cardi B become one of the biggest “swordfish” names.

Hearing that Nicki Minaj became the most "swordfish" female rapper of the year, Cardi B rushed to "cheat" to demand justice - Photo 4.

Besides her glamorous career, Cardi B has also encountered harsh criticism from public opinion many times.

Returning to Nicki Minaj, the main source of “money” comes from the revenue of The Nicki WRLD Tour because the female singer only released one single called “Megatron” this year. It can be said that for many years, the owner of the hit “Super Bass” has always been considered the most powerful woman in the rap music industry because the amount of money she earns has always reached sky-high levels.

Hearing that Nicki Minaj became the most "swordfish" female rapper of the year, Cardi B rushed to "cheat" to demand justice - Photo 5.

I don’t have a Grammy, but when I make a lot of money, no one is better than me!

According to many Forbes experts, not only Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, but also many other female rappers such as Meghan Thee Stallion, Tierra Whack and Rico Nasty will appear on this list in many years to come. These will definitely be names that promise to make a difference in the US-UK music scene one day.

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