Feast your eyes on the classy diamond collection of Lady Gaga and international beauties

The world of admirers does not hesitate to praise the class and luxury of the diamond jewelry on Lady Gaga as well as many other international stars.

Lady Gaga stunned with a $30 million diamond necklace

Back in February, fans had the opportunity to be overwhelmed by Lady Gaga’s classy appearance on the red carpet of the 2019 Oscars. Here, she attracted all the cameras when she walked in a mysterious black dress and The most prominent is the diamond necklace worth 30 million USD . According to Harper’s Bazaar magazine, the yellow diamond in the center of the bracelet is called the Tiffany Diamond, has a rounded square shape at the corners, and dozens of square cuts on the surface to make room for sparkle at times. rays of light shine in.

Diamond – “Queen” of jewelry symbolizing power

The Tiffany Diamond weighs 128.54 carats and was found in 1877 at the Kimberly mine. Before Lady Gaga, social activist Mary Whitehouse and actress Audrey Hepburn once “borrowed” the beauty of this diamond to increase the value of their appearance. It can be said that diamond is the “queen” in the world of luxury jewelry, and it further fully promotes the already delicate, brilliant and powerful beauty when worn by modern women.

Which diamond jewelry trends are on the rise?

Recently, many international stars such as Lady Gaga, Emily Ratajkowski, Karlie Kloss or Cardi B not only prefer diamond rings of all styles and colors, they also enthusiastically promote jewelry using the Cluster Setting technique. From small-sized natural diamonds shaped like grains of rice, water drops, square, rectangular, round… the artisan will combine them into a larger diamond, with no exposed prongs, difficult to see under low conditions. under normal viewing conditions while still ensuring perfect sparkle. That is the Cluster Setting technique.

DOJI’s new collection pleases women

Grasping the world’s beauty trends, DOJI introduces the Brilliant Style diamond jewelry collection with the ultimate combination of modern design language, unique materials and Cluster Setting manufacturing techniques. Jewelry models such as rings, necklaces and earrings have liberal lines to honor the confident and radiant style of women.

Without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars like Hollywood stars, women only need to spend to immediately own quality jewelry thanks to the Cluster Setting technique, for example, these products DOJI brand products.

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