Beyonce Crew Member Faces Heat For Grabbing Her B*tt While Helping Her Get Down During Renaissance Concert, Netizens Say, “Don’t Let Jay Z See This”

Beyonce bu** was grabbed by a crew member while she was trying to get down from a vehicle. Read on to know how the Internet reacted.

Global icon Beyonce is currently in the middle of her Renaissance World Tour. The singer has been making headlines for her glittery outfits, extravagant stage sets and stunning dance routines on her hit singles. A video from Queen Bey’s latest concert surfaced on the Internet where the singer is trying to get down from what appears to be a vehicle. Things soon got a bit awkward as a crew member got his hands on Beyonce’s bu**ocks. Scroll down to know what happened

Beyonce Fans Troll The Crew Member Who Gets His Hands On Singer’s Bu** During Her Renaissance Concert

Beyonce Fans Troll The Crew Member Who Gets His Hands On Singer’s Bu** During Her Renaissance Concert (Picture Credit: Instagram & Wikimedia)

Beyonce recently got slammed after tickets worth $157 were listed on sale but were meant for ‘listening only’. The fans got furious as the tickets did not allow any visuals, and it allowed them to enjoy the concert from behind the stage.

Circling back to the latest viral video of Beyonce, as per Twitter, the clip shows the singer getting down from the roof of what appears to be a vehicle in the middle of her concert. A crew member and a security guard can be seen waiting for Beyonce to hold as she carefully and slowly tries to come down. While stepping down, the crew member is seen trying to grab Beyonce’s b**ty in order to help the singer. It is clear in the video, how the crew member whose face is not visible in the clip places his hands on Beyonce’s posterior before she finally gets down. The crew members then rushed her to the stage while holding her hand. This did not go down well with the Internet as it quickly led to a meme-fest calling the crew member an opportunist. A few also noticed how the security guard also tried to get his hands on Beyonce’ rear.

Take a look:

One user stated, “Dude was slick with it”, as another chimed in, “He understood the assignment.” Another person said, “Don’t let Jay Z see this. Hope that security guard don’t go missing.” The next one quipped, “I would be sniffing that all day.”

An individual tweeted, “Nah that was so unnecessary,” as one user added, “Bro said, Once in a lifetime opportunity, I’m not about to fumble this.” One person wrote, “He definitely knew what he was doing.” And, one shared, “He was super slick about it.”

One person concluded, “He’s an opportunist. He’s going to be something in life.”

Beyonce also made headlines when she apparently removed the lyrics of Lizzo from their song Break My Soul after the latter landed in a controversy surrounding her behaviour with her former backup dancers.

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